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Toronto Automotive Locksmith

ABC Locksmith Toronto  able to resolves all of your automotive issues including lost car keys

you could make things a lot easier for you if you order a replacement Key ABC Locksmith  made directly for your car make and model

Waking up in the morning feeling refreshed such a Good Day. Getting into your car,  insert the key into the ignition it doesn't start. You twist the key again, but the ignition isn't responding. then, snap! The key breaks inside The Ignition Dont Worry ABC Locksmith Can Cut new keys at first we Extraction the Broken key

ignition lock cylinder has an electrical component which supplies power to your dashboard  Without it, you won't be able to start the engine. Replacing an ignition lock cylinder will take time and patience. We Know The steps, Choosing The Right tools, when removing and replacing the ignition lock cylinder.

ABC Locksmith Have advanced knowledge about auto Ignition and Key Replacement to do it correctly.

Mobile Same-Day Service Saves You Money on a tow & Time

Cheaper Pricing than dealerships or auto shops

key won't turn in ignition - key stuck in ignition Toronto Automotive Ignition Key On Site Services

ignition switch  One of the most common reasons ignitions fail is a faulty part from the beginning, Our reputable automotive locksmith can help with cutting and programing new Keys to your vehicle or truck. Common vehicles with factory related ignition problems are Ford Focus, Nissan Sentra, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Chevrolet Cavalier.


Transponder Key No Longer Communicates with PCM

Usually this means the computer chip has either lost its programming or no longer is functional. You have two options with this type of ignition issue.

 Reprogram the existing key

 if possible or duplicate the existing cuts and program a completely new key. ABC locksmith can surely help you with this type of service.



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The honest and experienced locksmiths use state-of-the-art technologies and latest tools to get jobs done. So you can completely depend on the high-quality products and services offered to you by the experts of ABC Locksmith. 647-483-6122