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Toronto Commercial Locksmith

 ABC Locksmith offers a wide range of commercial security products and services to safeguard your business   647-483-6122

Access Control  Card Reader carry a single card to access multiple offices. that card need only be programmed once to work in all Offices doors.

Security system is critical to ensure protection of employees, assets within each individual space. ABC Locksmith customizes each system
to the unique requirements and needs of any space to maximize security and protection

solid protection against crime and intrusion, and also prevents and deters these types of events from occurring.

ABC Locksmith offers a complete range of security solutions and integrated services to ensure the safety and protection of your building perimeter, your employees and
your valuable assets.

With our continuous commitment to improvement using highly advanced technology, Let us to excel to the best of our ability to provide you with an unequalled service.

installation and implementation of mechanical and electronic locking technologies, Our goal here is to make everyone feel secure and comfortable living in the city

Door Closer  

Door Closers - A manual door closer will close a door after it has been opened by hand. for Fire Regulations door closers have to be fitted to doors. They work using a hydraulic (oil-filled) damper

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks is a type of lock set that’s used in the commercial industry as far as for heavy duty, high frequency use applications

mortise lock is quite a bit different than the cylindrical lock, or board type lock that we know it, where the cylinder is installed in the lever, and the latch bolt connects to the chassis. It’s different than a unit lock, or what we refer to as a pre-assembled lock.

ABC Locksmith will dedicate a team solely committed to providing you with expert levels of security, access control ,High Security Commercial Locks
and Intercom System with the highest quality of one-on-one service proven expertise to ,install, and manage the most secure system for any size office or Large Warehouse. Your business Safety Is Our Goal  Call Today  647-483-6122


The high-quality products and services of ABC Locksmith comprise:


The wide range of brands you can choose while buying the products include:

So once you join the long list of clientele of ABC Locksmith, always be counting on them for any of commercial need as Access Control and Intercom System

If you have questions about Our Commercial Services, give us a call at 647-483-6122 or e-mail us using our online form and we will answer any questions you may have.